Nevada Barricade and Sign Company

Traffic Control

Providing the highest quality of traffic control throughout Nevada.

We design, manufacture, install and maintain NCHRP 350 compliant traffic control providing a safe work zone for all types of activity performed on the roadway.

Our experienced professional staff can assist you in the evaluation of your traffic control needs and design a service that is tailor made for your specific situation. Whether you are constructing improvements to an existing road or organizing a special event, we can meet all your unique traffic control requirements.

Our equipment complies with all applicable local, state and federal requirements. We have a modern fleet of Electronic Message boards, Solar Arrow boards, Speed/Radar Boards, Impact Attenuators and channelizing devices. Our signs are manufactured in-house which ensures the highest possible quality available in our inventory.

Designed Traffic Control Plan
Sample Traffic Control Plan
Sample Traffic Control Plan
28" Cone
Used for daytime work on low speed roads
42" Reflective Cone
For day or night work on high speed roads
Traffic Drum
The preferred device for highway work
Vertical Panel
Best for long term setups of more than 3 days
Type 1 Barricade
Versatile, use for protection out of the road or as a channelizing device in the road
Type 2 Barricade
Versatile, use for protection out of the road or as a channelizing device in the road
Type 3 Barricade (A or B Type)
Used for closing the work area, high visibility protection
Sign Stands
Provides a stable platform for signs in windy conditions
‘A’ Light
Flashing light for highlighting hazards at night
‘B’ Light
High visibility flashing light for day or night
‘C’ Light
Non-flashing light for channelizing traffic at night
Impact Attenuator Barrels
Portable, sand-filled drums for protection of blunt end hazards
Electronic Arrow boards
Solar assisted high visibility device for directing traffic through work zones
Electronic Message boards
Providing the work zone with a highly visible platform for presenting textual warnings to motorists.
Electronic Speed Detector
Providing highly visible and portable platform to provide drivers with increased awareness of current speed and speed limit.
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